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        1. —I tried to __________ you at home several times, but no one answered the phone?

        —I was traveling around last month.(2006·武漢)

        A. touch

        B. reach

        C. receive

        D. meet

        2. —Doctor, it seems that you like to work with animals.

        —Yes, I think animals should __________ as our friends.(2010·烏魯木齊)

        A. regard

        B. be regarded

        C. be regarding

        D. are regarded

        3.“The factory bell __________,”Harry told him.(2011·廣州)

        A. ring

        B. rings

        C. was rung

        D. ringing

        4. —Why would some workers in Foxcon die __________ continue working in the factory?

        —Psychologists say they are under too much pressure.(2010·宜昌)

        A. better than

        B. by accident

        C. instead of

        D. rather than

        5. My uncle called and asked me if I had __________ the birthday gift from him.(2011·陜西)

        A. invented

        B. raised

        C. received

        D. ordered

        6. —I never thought she would __________ my invitation to the concert.

        —She would feel sorry for missing the concert some day.(2012·大連)

        A. refuse

        B. suppose

        C. return

        D. remind

        7. We are all looking forward to __________ more than HK $6,500 for the Oxfam.(2010·鹽城)

        A. raise

        B. raising

        C. be raised

        D. being raised

        8. I won't go to the concert this evening. I __________ watch the NBA on TV. It's more exciting.(2011·揚州)

        A. had better

        B. would rather

        C. ought to

        D. have to

        9. The child nearly used up all his pocket money.(選出意義相同的選項)(2010·巴中)

        A. ran out of

        B. kept out of

        C. got out of

        10. Now my father _____ his bike to work every day instead of driving.(2011·上海)

        A. ride

        B. rode

        C. rides

        D. will ride

        11. Mary used to _________ to work, but she is used to __________ to work now. ( 2012·黔西南)

        A. riding a bike; taking a bus

        B. riding a bike; take a bus

        C. ride a bike; taking a bus

        D. ride a bike; take a bus

        12. They preferred __________ rather than __________ a bike.(2010·巴中)

        A. to walk; to ride

        B. walking; riding

        C. to walk; ride

        13. —Hi, Steve! Our teachers told us __________ an electric bike. It's too dangerous.

        —I'm sorry. I won't do it again.(2010·福州)

        A. to ride

        B. not ride

        C. not to ride

        14. Some people waste too much water. They don't believe that it can __________ some day.(2011·煙臺)

        A. keep out

        B. run out

        C. be run out

        D. run out of

        15. While we were running on the playground, Jack suddenly stopped __________ and lay on the ground, so we all stopped __________ what was wrong with him.(2011·成都)

        A. to run; to see

        B. running; seeing

        C. running; to see

        16. As the curtain __________, the famous singer came out. The fans __________ and screamed with excitement.(2012·常州)

        A. was raised; rose

        B. had been raised; were raised

        C. rose; were raised

        D. had risen; raised

        17. —I'm really sorry to have broken your coffee cup.

        — __________.(2011·上海)

        A. Good idea

        B. That's all right

        C. I don't think so

        D. You are welcome

        18. —All the oil in the world will have __________ some day.

        —Yeah. What shall we use for power at that time?(2011·十堰)

        A. given away

        B. put away

        C. run out

        D. set out

        19. —I hear you have to run for half an hour every day.

        —Right. It is one of the __________ in my school.(2010·咸寧)

        A. choices

        B. plans

        C. hobbies

        D. rules

        20. He had to retire(退休)early __________ poor health.(2011·揚州)

        A. as a result

        B. because

        C. so

        D. because of


        1. B 2. B 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. B

        8. B 9. A 10. C 11. C 12. C 13. C 14. B

        15. C 16. A 17. B 18. C 19. D 20. D


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